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Update: As you can see, these screenshots are quite outdated.
And I am not using GNOME anymore... I did use fvwm quite a bit and still do, but my home destktop is now occupied by ION ("A keyboard-friendly text-editorish window manager"), the best windowmanager around at this time. :-)

Here are some screenshots of my current desktop running Debian GNU/Linux Woody with sawmill (now: sawfish) /GNOME 1.2

Here's the evidence: M$ has/had Unix/Linux Applications: Netshow for Unix
screenshot #1 (jpg, 12k) screenshot #1 (png, 12k)
screenshot #2 (jpg, 26k) screenshot #2 (png, 15k)
On Win* they call it now "Media Player". But as most (?all?) their products, they bought it and after some announcements that they will continue to support other platforms, they removed most of the stuff from their homepage.
However, it seems that they didn't catch this one: version 2.0 beta build 251
Here's another build, but not on M$'s server: version 2.0 beta build 173

Supported codecs are: (according to some docs i found somewhere else)
Video: MS MPEG 4 v1, Vivo H263, Duck TrueMotion RT 2.0
Audio: PCM, MS ADPCM, MPEG Layer 3, Vivo G723.1, Vivo Siren

Update: Since most people found my website while looking for "Windows Media Player and Linux" ...
M$ Netshow is not really worth anything for watching movies these days, since now mplayer and xine et al. (use to locate their homepages) are doing a much better job at playing movies under linux.

Some older Screenshots: (timestamp: 20000823)

(timestamp: 20000603)

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