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Right now, everything is alpha.

I don't believe that "release early, release often" is a good practise for most (free) software projects.

It works for some projects (like it did in '91 for Linus), but nowadays, there are so many free software projects, that it is not easy to reproduce what happened back then.

Often, people start projects, uploading a couple of lines of code, thinking that their "great idea" catches on and hundreds of developers will help/take over. See for yourself at there are probably thousands of orphaned projects, some authors to be never uploaded anything, not even webpage, nothing in CVS, no files and many don't even provide a short description.

For this reason, i did not upload anything as of now. I don't want to discourage people who download my code, maybe they even get it to compile, but when they run it and see that it is not possible to use it to read mail they forget about it and never come back, counting it as dead or "not usable".

To me, this means that, as long as the IMAP FETCH command doesn't work (in other words: it is not possible to use MB-IMAP with your favorite mail reader) I will not upload anything.
Once I can read mails from the database with at least one client, I will consider uploading something. :-)

If you want to look at the code, or want to help, please contact me, I can send you a snapshot of MB-IMAP.
Contact address: m.bessler at

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